Frequently Asked Questions

What's this?

An online dot plot maker, dedicated to visualize the ABC/HR test results.

Why did you create it?

There are many results of public and private listening tests on the web, but they typically use "dynamite plots". In many listening tests, their visualization efforts are poor, probably because testers are exhausted after listening tests. I created this software so that we can visualize the results in minimal time and efforts.

It doesn't work. The graph is collapsed.

Use the newest graphmaker3. It should work. (Hydrogenaudio board automatically converts tabs into multiple spaces, and it was causing problems.)

I'm using this graphmaker with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8. It's slow, ocassionally freezes, and some tables are collapsed.

Like you can see in this table, The Internet Explorer doesn't offer a very good experience. Firefox 9 (or later) is the most recommended browser.

Is there an example input format?

% Totally fake score
encoderA	encoderB	encoderC
5	5	4.5
2.2	3	3.6
4	3.1	3
5	4.4	4.2
2.5	1.9	1.6
opus v0.9.9	aoTuV b6.03	aoTuV b5.7	qaac tvbr
%features	8	Opus	Ogg Vorbis	Ogg Vorbis	AAC-LC	
2.850	3.000	3.100	2.550	
2.900	3.250	3.150	3.050	
2.800	2.850	3.000	3.450	
%samples 41_30sec hihats
%samples finalfantasy strings
%samples Atrain Jazz
opus_75k celt_75k cvbr_75k opus100k celt100k cvbr100k
3.05 3.10 2.50 3.50 3.75 3.70 
3.75 2.95 2.70 4.05 3.80 4.00 
2.80 2.55 3.00 3.60 3.25 4.05 
%features 6 75kbps 75kbps 75kbps 100kbps 100kbps 100kbps
% AAC 96kbps ABC/HR score
qaac cvbr	encaacplus	nero abr
3,7	3,0	2,6
3,8	3,3	2,6
3,5	2,9	3,2
3,5	3,5	2,9
%samples	Tarentella
%samples	Minase sanchi
%samples	Miles Davis
%samples	58 Guitar
% You can use spaces if you use tabs as split marks.
% tabs and spaces can coexit.

Is the format compatible with ff123's FRIEDMAN?

Yes. The incompatible part is that FRIEDMAN considers both spaces and tabs as split marks, and confuses the FRIEDMAN if the encoder names include spaces. In this program, only tabs will be recognized as a split mark when both of them are used, so you can use a name with spaces safely.(like "LAME 3.99 V2")

There are two buttons. What's the difference?

"Make graph" produces slightly more accurate results at the cost of more time. Press the "Make graph" for the final outputs.

What algorithm is used to compute error bars?

CI95%, percentile bootstrap (N=10,000 for preview, N=200,000 for "Make graph", non-parametric; it doesn't assume normal distribution).

The error bars look asymmetric. Are they correct?

Yes, they can be asymmetric, as the bootstrap method is used to compute confidence intervals.

The error bars moves slightly as I change one of the settings or redraw the graph.

Yes, they move. The graph you get is not very accurate as it's a preview. Make sure you press "Make Graph" before you save the graph.

How can I save the graph?

Version/Browser Firefox Chrome/IE9 IE6,7,8
graphmaker 3 Right click Right click PrintScreen
graphmaker 2 Right click PrintScreen Unsupported
graphmaker 1 Right click PrintScreen Unsupported

Right click: Right click the graph/table you want to save, and save the image.
PrintScreen: Press the PrintScreen key and paste the image to somewhere else.
Unsupported: You can't make the graph/table.

Will this program send my data on the server?

No. Your data will be processed inside your browser. It won't submit the data on anywhere else.

I want to save the graphmaker 3.

Please save these components by right-clicking the link. Graphmaker 3, and if you need IE6-8 support, ExplorerCanvas. ExplorerCanvas is distributed under the terms of the Apache License V2.0.

Opinion/bug report?

Contact me via twitter (@kamedo2) or hydrogenaudio.